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AD_DA Module - PCF8591

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This is a AD_DA module which has four ADC (analog to digital convert) and a DAC (digital to analog convert), they transform the signal via the I2C bus. This module is based on the PCF8591, PCF8591 has 4 analog input pins, a digital output pin and a I2C bus. The DAC on the PCF8591 has a resolution of 8-bits, can generate a theoretical signal between zero volts and the reference voltage in 255 steps. There is a thermistor and a photoresistance on the shield, it’s very convenient to convert the signal and measure the temperature and light, 3 pins are covered with the little hat, when put the little hat on the P4 pin, you connect the thermistor, put it on the P5 pin means to connect the photoresistance and when put the little hat on the P6 pin means that you can adjust input voltage, voltage is adjusted via potentiometer.


Technical Data

Operate voltage: 2.5 to 6V (PCFF8591)

Low accuracy

Single power



I2C Address:0b1001000x

4 Channel 8-bit A/D convertor

One Channel D/A convertor

On-board temperature sensor (select with jumper P4) and light sensor (select with jumper P5)

Support for 4 channel voltage collection (voltage range from 0 to 5V)

DA output indicated LED



AOUT            DA output interface

AIN0             analog input interface0

AIN1             analog input interface1

AIN2             analog input interface2

AIN3             analog input interface3


SCL         I2C clock interface   

SDA         I2C digital interface

GND         GND

VCC         VCC             connect 3.3V to 5V





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  • ByAmy
  • Oct 20, 2017
When i open the package, it is a surprise, it looks very nice and a letter in attached.

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