The Information We Collect

There’re some pages you can order products, make requests and register to receive service. On these pages, you may need to give us some personal information such as name, address, phone number and some credit card information and so on.

The information We use

The address may be the most personal information, however, it is used to delivery your orders to you, so it’s necessary to give us the address. 

We don’t share those information with outside parties except for the extent necessary to complete the order such as that we may tell the express company of your address so that they can deliver the orders.

We answer the emails received from you, and these informations are all stored in our database. All of them won’t be shared to other parties unless you admit us to provide what you support to us. We may directly email to our customers of special promotional offers from outside vendors, partners or suppliers.

The third-party site

There may come the third-party site for the purpose to enlarge customer’s horizon or introduce you to the payment page. We promise that we won’t share these information to any other parties, but customers should take all of the responsibility to the action they made on any third-party site, just like the third-pay site. It’s connected to the payment page, if there’s trouble made on this page caused by customer, we won’t take any risk on the behavior and consequence.  

We may link some third-party sites on our official site for the purpose to enhance the user experience, but we promise that we will not share user’s information we collected with any third-party site for any purpose. But users will take all the risk for the action made on any third-party site. 

We will not be responsible for any action you make on the third-party sites. Every action you make on the third-party sites is at your own risk.

Protect for children

We never collect or maintain information who are under 18 which we know on our website, and we never make any structure to attract anyone who are under 18.