What’s the rules for PCB panelization?

What’s the rules for PCB panelization?

1.Identical design panelization

If you choose “panelization 1”, make sure that there’s only one design in your Gerber file.

Tips: put the v-cut line in outline layer(GKO/GML)

     Make a note beside the v-cut line as the following picture shows.


If you want to use v-cut, please following those rules:

1) The entire board size should be ≥ 175px*175px, ≤ 950px*950px.

2) The sub-board size should be ≥ 50px*50px.

Please note if the sub-board size is ≤ 50px*50px, we will inform you to pay USD16 for the processing fee.

3) V-cut line only be a straight line.

4) V-cut line only be cut from edge to the edge.

5) V-cut line must be zero pitch between sub-boards.  

6)The minimum length between circuit wire and the v-cut line as ≥ 0.4mm.  

7) The thickness of the board must be ≥1.0mm.


2. Different PCB panelization.

Tips: Put all designs in one Gerber file.

     Make sure the cut lines (sots) are in outline layer(GKO/GML), and the complete board outline should go all round the edge of the boards.

Noteif there are 2 designs are in common, we still consider the two designs as 2 designs, such as the following picture:

There are 3 designs in the PCB.