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3.5 Inch Touch Screen TFT Raspberry Pi Display


3.5 Inch Touch Screen TFT Raspberry Pi Display is a TFT display, which is very cute and specially designed for Raspberry Pi such as Pi Module A, B, Pi B+/2B and 3B. The resolution of it is 480*320, Plug it into Raspberry Pi and make sure that the Raspberry has installed drive and Raspbian IMG, then power the Raspberry Pi, and the display will work.


Technical Datasheet

LCD Type               TFT

LCD Interface            SPI

Touch Screen Type        Resistive

Controller               XPT2046

Backlight                LED

Resolution               480*320 Pixel

Colors                  65536



Cute, it’s just 3.5 inch

Created for Raspberry Pi module

Compatible to Raspberry Pi A, B, B+/2B and 3B



3.5 Inch Touch Screen Raspberry Pi Display

Touch pen



1, 17 
3.3V Positive power input 3.3V
2, 4 5VPositive power input 5V
11TP_IRQDetect if the touch panel has been pushed down, if pushed down, it output low level.

Commend/Data register selection

19 LCD_SI/TP_SILCD/touch panel’s SPI data input
21TP_SOTouch panel’s data output
RST Reset
LCD_SCK/TP_SCKLCD/panel’s SPI clock signal
LCD_CSChip select pin, the display will choose LCD if input low level signal
Chip select pin of touch panel, the display will choose touch panel if input low level signal


How to drive the TFT Touch Display by Raspberry Pi?


The simplest way is download the Raspbian IMG from our site:




Then, burn the IMG to your TF card.


Plug your 3.5 Inch Touch screen and TF card which have been burn the Raspbian IMG to the Raspberry Pi, Power the Raspberry Pi and turn it on.

The screen starts working.

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